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Why should it be SEO?

Solid system bases

Ⅰ. Long term know-how will provide solutions that meet customers' needs
Ⅱ. Accurate calculation algorithm (SEO self-evaluation carried out on 2015.07.24) confirmed with ultra-fine error of 0.2 degrees in the
    same image (certified) with German company
Ⅲ. Innovative and faithful equipment

Only SEO’s innovated functions (Software)

1. Auto-image chasing system algorithm that can automatically check the data without clicking by “Preview result” function and automatically follow the drop anywhere on the screen
((Video File Number 1))
2. Accurate and easy measurement of samples with radius of curvature

3. Precise drop volume measurement by pixel distance
4. “Surfaceware” software capture function improved by more than 30% compared to last “Image XP” software under the same condition
5. Automatically measured at the "Thermo dynamic equilibrium" time of the basic principle of the contact angle
6. Base line automatic recognition function (it does not need to make base line or adjust line according to base)
7. It is very easy and accurate measure ultra low angle (below 5 degrees), which was difficult to measure by light source and
   sample reflection so far
8. The high-precision computation algorithm confirmed with 0.2 degree ultra-fine error in the data comparison with the
   German K company in the same image with official certified image measure by SEO self-tested 2015.07.24
   A. Use Image Authorization: 60 Degree Image
   B. Comparison Equipment P-300T & D. 100
   C. Method T1 & T2
9. Ability to re-analyze the data even if measurement of sample is failed by under difficult conditions
10. Compare function old and new data

Only SEO’s innovated functions (Hardware)

1. More than 500 combinations and applicable (M.B.A) platform hardware design enable to use with flexible sample measurement
    A. Sample Cooling Amb to -40 ° C (ΔT)
    B. Sample Heating Amb to 350
    C. Captive bubble method

2. High-dimensional design of multiple base module acceptance (M.B.A) mechanism applied (patent pending)
  - It is possible to flexible change for any sample or any laboratory space by replacing Only the upper and lower main frames or the left
   and right main frames changes Further each 4mian module (Camera, LED, Dispensing, sample stage) are able to continuously use

3. Applicable from general ㎕unit drop to Pico liter drop with High-dimensional design of multiple base module acceptance (M.B.A)
   mechanism And this is able to add all options at equipment

Differentiated services(2.2.2)>

Two-year free service  /  Twice the Free Education  /  Within two days  /  Extended lifetime remote control support